How many days to see Morocco

Many people wonder, “How many days do you need to visit Morocco?” The answer is simple: you will need more than a month to truly explore Morocco. If you simply want to see the highlights, it will take you 7 to 10 days.

Having more time is usually ideal. However, even if you just stay a few days in Morocco, you will have a fantastic time. This post will provide a vacation itinerary and approach options ranging from three days to two weeks.

How much time will you need to spend in Morocco?

The optimal amount of days to spend in Morocco is between 7 and 10 days. A week in Morocco’s desert and imperial towns is ample time to visit the country’s wonders at a leisurely pace. In two weeks, you may mix hiking in the Atlas Mountains with relaxing on the Atlantic coast. If you only have five days, it’s better to focus your efforts in the north, visiting Casablanca, Chefchaouen, and Fes, or in the south, visiting Marrakech and the Sahara.

Morocco, with its bustling souks, majestic snow-capped mountains, and vast Sahara, is a lively and diverse country. Morocco’s distinctive cultural melting pot ensures that you will be enthralled by the country’s history and gastronomy, not to mention the stunning and varied landscapes. Windsurf in Essaouira, sandboard and camel trek in Erg Chebbi, or wander the souks in Marrakech. Morocco itineraries are accessible for all sorts of travelers, and the country will undoubtedly have a special place in your heart.

Is three to four days enough time to visit Morocco?

We are often asked, “What can you see in Morocco in 3 or 4 days?” It all depends on what you’re interested in. If your main goal is to explore the desert, ride camels, and sleep in Berber tents, the three and four-day itineraries are sufficient.

If you have a long weekend in Morocco, the 3-day Morocco excursions are excellent choices. It is feasible to travel between Fes to Casablanca. It takes around four hours. Begin in Casablanca, where you won’t want to miss a visit to Hassan II, the world’s highest mosque.

Then you may go to Fes, where you will most likely spend most of your time. The walled city of Fes el-old Bali has a maze of around 9,000 tunnels. Take a walking tour, peruse the souks, and see the bright vats of color at the world-famous Tanneries Chouara.

Alternatively, you might stay in Fes and go on day tours. Visit Meknes, which has a less crowded ancient medina than Fes, or adjacent Volubilis, whose well-preserved Roman remains to provide an intriguing contrast to Mahgreb’s architecture.

What should you do in Morocco?

If you choose to stay in Marrakech’s area, you’ll have enough to do for three days: the vibrant Jemaa El Fna Square, the beautiful Bahia Palace, and the Majorelle Garden for art lovers. Jacques Majorelle’s botanical garden and apartment provide a peaceful respite beyond the medina.

A day trip from Marrakech to the adjacent Agafay Desert is also possible. Hiking, camel rides, and a view into a typical Berber community are among the activities offered. All of this is conveniently placed just outside of town.

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Is it possible to visit Morocco in 5 to 6 days?

Most of Morocco’s highlights may be seen in 5 to 6 days. You’ll be able to see more of Morocco if you stay for a few more days. Or you may spend more time in a particularly interesting location, such as Fes, which rapidly become a favorite of many people. To avoid spending too much time traveling, decide whether you want to focus on imperial cities, the desert, the mountains—or any combination of these.

One option is to focus on northern cities, which are popular among photographers, painters, and history aficionados. Visitors have plenty of time to view stunningly gorgeous destinations like Morocco’s renowned “Blue City,” Chefchaouen. This itinerary includes stops in Fes, Tangier, and Casablanca, but it may be decreased or adjusted based on the number of days you have and where your airlines arrive and depart.

Alternatively, you may base yourself in Marrakech and go on a desert expedition. Combine four days in the Sahara with a day or two in Marrakech at the start and end of your journey. You’ll take a desert tour of Erg Chebbi’s massive wind-shaped sand dunes and ride a camel in Merzouga.

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Is 7 days enough time to see Morocco?

Although you may miss out on a few spectacular sites, seven-day Morocco itineraries allow you to see most of the country’s major attractions. After seven days, you may start in the lovely seaside city of Casablanca, where you can view the Hasan II Mosque, which has the world’s tallest tower. From there, you may go to Fes through Volubilis, which boasts the best example of Roman ruins in the nation.

Spend the day exploring Fes, which has a medieval medina and one of the world’s largest car-free zones. You could get lost in the twisty passageways and bustling souks for a while. Visit the Tanneries Chouara for an Instagram-worthy historic snapshot. Begin your two-day exploration of the Sahara Desert with a walk across the Middle Atlas Mountains. Erg Chebbi, the stunning windswept sand dunes, the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs, and the Todra Gorges are all worth seeing.

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Is it possible to visit Morocco in 8 or 9 days?

With an 8 to 9-day Morocco vacation schedule, you may visit all of the above-ground sights as well as a few more. Stop at Rabat on your way from Casablanca to Fes to visit the Roman and Islamic ruins, including Hassan Tower and the Andalusian Gardens. Your next stop will be the gorgeous blue city of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains. The city’s exquisite medina was built in the 15th century. You may make your way up to the abandoned Spanish Mosque around sunset for some stunning city and mountain vistas.

You may extend your travel to Marrakech by spending more time in the desert, appreciating windswept sandy scenery, or by walking in the High Atlas mountains’ foothills. If you want to enjoy a homestay in the highlands and learn more about Berber culture, you may cut other parts of your Morocco itinerary.

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Is 10 days enough time to tour Morocco?

When it comes to the best amount of time to spend in Morocco, 10 days may just be the ticket. It’s enough time to not feel rushed, and it’s easy to modify one of these weekly itineraries to include a couple of extra days in a location you love—and want to linger in—along the way.

You can tour all of Morocco’s various ecosystems in ten days. This journey mixes action and relaxation: you’ll start in the imperial city of Marrakech, then explore the Sahara and other desert communities, hike the High Atlas mountains, and relax along the coast. Traditional music around a campfire, a night with a local Berber family, and superb seafood by the Atlantic in scenic Essaouira are among the journey’s highlights.

Instead, take a breathtaking tour of Morocco’s royal towns. Begin with this weeklong itinerary, but leave some wiggle room: if you fall in love with a particular destination, you can always stay an additional night or two to really enjoy it.

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Is it possible to visit Morocco in 12 to 14 days?

With a Morocco vacation itinerary of 12 to 14 days, you may fully immerse yourself in the country’s culture. Begin in Casablanca and go to Essaouira, a lovely walled seaside town with a fascinating history. Explore the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen at your leisure. With this itinerary, you’ll spend more time in the desert, seeing the busy market town of Erfoud on your way to your first overnight in Merzouga, and learning more about the local culture.

Participate in desert activities like dancing in Khamleya, sandboarding down the dunes, or just resting by the pool. There are several opportunities to engage in outdoor adventure activities of all types in and around Todra Gorge. Climbers will appreciate the gorge even more than the typical tourist. In two weeks, you may spend the night in the world-famous kasbah of Ait Benhaddou (which might look familiar to you Game of Thrones fans).

Traveling from there, you may take a short diversion into the High Atlas Mountains, which will take your breath away with their stunning splendor. You may even spend a few days with a Berber family to get a better grasp of Moroccan culture. After that, go to Essaouira to relax on the beach. Taking the scenic beachfront route back to Casablanca will be a lovely return journey.

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