About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of four brothers, and in the past years, we could never have dreamt of reaching a big level and being able to achieve the dream of our lives and our passion by creating a travel agency. Our lifestyle was all about travelling and moving from a region to another looking for a better life for us and our herd as we were living a nomadic life. In addition to that, we could not attend school at that time as we were far from the civilized domain.

The turning point that changed everything was the escape of most of our herd towards Algeria as we were living close to the Moroccan-Algerian borders. That was in a cold and stormy night. At that time, our family could not handle the situation as the herd was our main source of livelihood. As a result, the family was obliged to make a big decision which was moving to live in the city. That decision was not easy as it was difficult to adapt to the lifestyle there. Although, with patience and a lot of sacrifices, we had the chance to achieve our goal and create Travelling in Morocco’s agency.

Travelling in Morocco is a travel agency in Morocco that organizes tours all around the country. We are a team of well-experienced brothers that provides the best trips in our country. Also, with our company, you will experience the beauty of our country, and you will get to know about its rich history.
Accompanied by multilingual guides, you will experience an adventure that you will never forget.
We are always happy to serve you as we have a professional team that will make sure to satisfy your needs and respond to your demands.
If Morocco is on your bucket list, feel free to contact us and enjoy our Morocco tours.

What we offer:

Travelling in Morocco’s agency offers the best tours all over Morocco. However, our company organizes city tours, kasbah tours, desert tours, and more. Besides, other activities such as sandboarding in Merzouga, a 4WD tour around the desert, Quadbiking, and more.

City tours:

Morocco is one of the most famous countries in Africa. its strategic geographic location made it a distinctive tourist destination. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and by Mauritania to the south. While traveling to Morocco, do not miss to taste local food at local restaurants. The tagine dish, the couscous plate, the pastilla dish, the Rafisa dish, and the Tangyeh dish are among the most delicious Moroccan food. The Moroccan people are friendly with tourists, and they are keen to offer visitors a lot of advice.

While traveling to Morocco, do not miss a tour to its wonderful cities and experience the pleasure of shopping in the Moroccan markets. And learn about its tourist attractions and charming nature. Among the most important cities in Morocco:


Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco. It is part of the 4 imperial cities of the country with Fez, Marrakech, and Meknes. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean and at the embouchure of the Bouregreg river gives it a very pleasant mild climate. It is probably not as rich in visits as other Moroccan cities. However, it has a lot of things to offer. Its calm is particularly resourcing. It is ideal for a vacation, the time of a weekend change of scenery.


 It is one of the most vibrant Moroccan cities. It includes many tourist attractions, most notably the Hassan II Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Africa. it attracts thousands of tourists annually from different parts of the world. The white city was part of the Roman Empire and was successively occupied by the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. Its architecture and culture are a reflection of this long history.


Or the red city, where you can enjoy an exciting trip full of beautiful memories. When you take a stroll through its lively markets, ancient buildings, gates, and unique walls Do not forget to visit the Koutoubia Mosque and Jemaa el-fnaa square, which is the largest square in Africa and a great place to learn about the customs and natures of the Moroccan people.


Fes was founded in 789 by Idriss I, the conqueror who Islamized Morocco. It is part of four imperial cities of the country and has the oldest and largest medina in the world: Fes El Bali. Also, The imperial city has become the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco, thanks to its architectural heritage. Preserved in its authenticity, the medina, nicknamed "city within a city", contains the history of the city in its 10,000 alleys. To visit Fez is to go back in time, to cross history, from the 8th century to today.


Chefchaouen is a small town located in northwest Morocco built at 600 m altitude at the base of the Rif mountains. Often abbreviated to Chaouen, its name means "horns" in Berber in reference to the mountains Kelaa and Meggou which dominate the city. In addition to being beautifully perched on the mountainside, it is famous for its narrow streets and whitewashed houses covered with blue smalt. This unique cachet has earned it the nickname "Blue Pearl".


Merzouga is a small town in the south-east of Morocco, in the province of Daraâ-Tafilelt. It is a wide desertic area constituted by large dunes which in turn constitute what is called Erg Chebbi. This region is one of the most visited areas by foreign tourists and even locals. Also, it has a lot of things to offer such as sandboarding, quad biking, camel rides, and more.

Kasbah tours:

The word kasbah comes from the word casbah that signifies  “fortress” or “reed” in the  Arabic language. In the past, people were used to using reed in roof construction as it has some really interesting properties such as protection against heat and cold.

With our travelling in Morocco’s agency, you will have the chance to see the beauty of the Moroccan kasbahs and get to know their rich history. Below a list of the most famous ones in Morocco :

– The kasbah of Telouet: this fortified village was for centuries an inevitable passage for the caravans that had to pay a tax to the Glaoui tribe.

– The kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou: classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It has been a place of economic and cultural gathering since antiquity. Inevitable in the great Moroccan south, it is used as a shooting location for many international films. It is certainly the most beautiful and most impressive.

– The Kasbah of Tifoultout: Located on a defensive site in the region of Ouarzazate, less than 10 km away, it gives a 360° view of the same city. It is a popular location for film productions.

– The kasbah of Taourirte: Former home of the Pasha Glaoui, a historical monument of national heritage, it bears the name of the Berber village of Taourirt which existed in the 12th century.

– The kasbah of Amridil: In the direction of Skoura, in the region of the Valley of the Roses, this kasbah was built in the 17th century. It has beautiful decoration from the outside.

Desert tours:

With our travel agency, you will experience the beauty of the Moroccan deserts and you will have the opportunity to try its various activities.

When we talk about desert, we have in mind images of immense sand dunes, as far as the eye can see, of mirages, perhaps, and “nothing”. These large and colorful dunes are rare in Morocco. There are in only two ergs, the famous erg Chebbi, near Merzouga, and the Erg Chigaga, further south, near M’hamid. If Chebbi is the highest and most extensive, Chigaga is more isolated, since it takes about 45 minutes of 4WD to reach it, while Merzouga is really “on the side of the road”.

Going to the dunes is like fulfilling a dream. Whether you are sporty and a hiker, or a little less sporty (but still) and let yourself be carried by the amble of your camel, you feel like you are flying. While rolling in the sand to hurtle down the dunes, we replay films and comic strips, letting ourselves go to the pleasure of a fast and safe descent.

But there are many more deserts in Morocco, whether it is the stone deserts that surround, without absorbing them, the oases of the Draa valley, the high plateaus of the Atlas, almost virgin of any vegetation exceeding twenty centimeters in height, or, further south, the very large expanses of Western Sahara, which come to lick the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean

Our Team

We are four brothers that have been organizing Morocco tours since 2010. Travelling is our passion. We are always happy to get in touch with you and offer you the best offers.

Youssef Achabou

The CEO founder of Travelling in Morocco's agency. Born in 1995, he has 10 years of experience in the domain of tourism.

Aziz Achabou

10 years of experience as a touristic guide and a camel driver.

Hamid Achabou

Born in 1999. He is a university student specialist in English studies and a camel driver. He has experience of 9 years in this domain.

Hassan Achabou

Born in 1997. He is a graduate student in the specialty of geosciences.

Why to choose us?

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy, our values, and our expertise in the field of tourism in Morocco nourish our ability to understand your expectations; thus we have every legitimacy to concoct with you a trip that corresponds to your idea of the ideal trip.

Whatever the type of travel in Morocco that tempts you: solo traveler tours, family tours, couple tours, or even small group tours, travelling in Morocco’s agency always takes into consideration: directing you towards human contacts with the inhabitants, creating responsible and supportive trips and always be in search of the authentic beauty of the sites to be contemplated.

Our experience:

 First of all, our agency was created by experienced guides. After 10 years spent as guides, we know the territory very well and understand perfectly what the travelers expect. We define ourselves by our own tours.

After having accompanied thousands of tourists, we have the necessary expertise to understand what attracts their attention and make them satisfied. Traveling with us means benefiting from all our expertise and our best-guaranteed services, from your first contact with us to the end of your trip.

Good Quality/ Price report:

 Ensuring a good balance between price and quality: Travelling in Morocco’s agency does not seek to lower the price too much in order to sell off quality, but strives to offer you the best balance between quality of services and price. We are therefore committed to providing our clients with high-quality trips with decent prices. We always make sure of the quality of our services and make constant efforts to provide you with the best services.

Every employee of our company understands and takes to heart this “word-of-mouth” principle, our local experts must have a good knowledge of the field, ensuring you flawless services with perfect logistics. We arrange everything, from A to Z. With us, you will leave with peace of mind with your eyes closed.

24h/24 assistance:

Being serious in the follow-up of your trip (from the first contact to your departure), vigilant on the quality of the services, and their conformity, we assure you to be available to help you in case of need or incident throughout your trip. We will be there to welcome you from the moment you arrive at the airport and we will accompany you until the moment of your departure.

A company on a human scale:

Travelling in Morocco’s agency is a human-sized company. Traveling with us is also participating in our collective adventure. The passion for tourism for 10 years is what guides us daily in the creation of our trips, in the life of the company, and in the care of our travelers. In the same way, we facilitate contact with the inhabitants of the country, especially the nomads in order to get to know their lifestyle and their culture.

Customer confidence and satisfaction:

 We leave it to the customer to express his satisfaction. Several travelers have placed their trust in us and 99% left with complete satisfaction. Also, we are very proud to be highly recommended on Tripadvisor. Our company is not limited to these results but strives to continue to build its reputation as a specialist in organizing trips to Morocco every day, through an ever-increasing quality approach.

Flexibility and reactivity:

Throughout your trip, if you would like to change the program, at any time, we will adapt your trip to your own rhythm and we will make changes to the original program together. We can manage unforeseen situations. It is immediate interaction and resolution in case a sudden event occurs.

Service comes first:

This is one of the main rules of travel agencies, to provide customers with the best service for optimal quality. Travel must be synonymous with rest and relaxation, that is why going through a travel agency must imperatively remove all constraints and concerns, so that you only have to think about your well-being and your rest. So, ready to take the step? Contact our travel agency so that you can plan your next trip and travel with your family without having any other concerns than rest, relaxation, and idleness. We are sure that you will find the destination of your dreams at the best price with us.

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