8 days tour from Casablanca

8 days tour from Casablanca via the desert

The best itinerary for 8 days tour from Casablanca via Merzouga Sahara desert. Book your tour now and experience Morocco with the Berber locals.

Note: this tour is customizable and can end in Marrakech instead of Casablanca. Feel free to contact us for any customizations.

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08:00 AM

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8 days/ 7 nights

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Tour overview:

8 days tour from Casablanca to Marrakech is the best and suitable trip itinerary for a full visit to the most important places in Morocco. This tour that we have customized is based on our clients’ requests, note that you can make any change or customizations to make it fits your needs.

In general, our 8 days itinerary is your chance to visit Morocco’s imperial cities, cross the famous range of the Atlas mountains, visit the kasbahs, and spend a night in the Sahara desert of Merzouga after riding camels. Book now!


Day 1: Casablanca’s airport to your accommodation

The first day of our 8 days tour from Casablanca starts with picking you up from the airport to your hotel/Riad. If your plane arrives early in the day, we will take you to visit some attractions in the city of Casablanca. However, if you arrive late, then we’ll take you directly to your accommodation to relax.

As it is known the economical capital of Morocco has a lot of places and attractions to visit in case if you arrive early. For example, we can go on a visit to the Mosque of Hassan 2, that famous minaret that is partly built on the Atlantic ocean. It is the largest functioning mosque in Africa and the seventh in the world.

Day 2: Casablanca to Fes via Rabat and Meknes

After having breakfast, we continue our 8 days tour from Casablanca. Firstly, we will head to the current capital of Morocco, Rabat. Here, we will stop by the main attractions, for example, the Hassan tower. It is believed that it was built to be the highest in the world, but because the owner of the idea passed away, it didn’t complete. After, visiting Rabat, we will head to another imperial city. This time is the Ismaili capital, Meknes. There are plenty of attractions to visit in this city. For example, we will visit the capital of the Mauritanian kingdom, Volubilis, where you can see the Roman ruins and learn about their history.

Few miles from the Roman ruins, we will arrive in the city of Meknes. In this city, we will visit the square of Lhdim, similar to Jamaa El-Fna square but smaller. Next to this latter lies one of the biggest doors or gates in the world, Bab Mansour. Further, we will visit other places in Meknes such as Qara prison, the mysterious jail that goes underground. There are many stories that say that the Qara prison goes miles underground and that it reaches the city of Fes. Finally, when the evening arrives, we will leave Meknes heading to spend the night in Fes to relax and get ready to discover the city on the other day.

Day 3: Full day touring Fes

Today, we are going to spend the whole day exploring the imperial city of Fes. This amazing destination is active and full of surprises, why not and it one of the oldest existing cities in the world. Fes is home to many different and unique attractions. Firstly, there is the oldest existing university in the world, Al Qarawiyine university. Not to mention that the owner of the idea and the one who built it is a woman called Fatima Al-Fihri in 859 AD. At first, it was built as a mosque and played a big role in the East in what is called spiritual education. After that, it was turned to be a university and was attended by students from different countries.

Secondly, we will go on a visit to the Chouara tannery, the largest of all tanneries in Fes. The place is a bit smelly because of the leatherwork that produces many products that you can buy. In this place, people are still using traditional ways to make and paint leather.

For sure there are many other places and sites that we will visit today, taking the examples of Boujloud gate, Fes’ old Medina, Madrassa AL-Bouinania, and many more. Finally, the night will be again in Fes.

Day 4: Fes to Merzouga

The fourth day of our 8 days tour from Casablanca is a trip to the desert of Merzouga. Firstly, after having breakfast in Fes, we will take the car heading to Ifrane. Here, we will stop for a while to discover the little Switzerland of Morocco. Ifrane is famous for being the cleanest city in Morocco, and once the cleanest in Africa and the eight in the world. It is a unique city as it has a European touch in everything, the weather and the shapes of the buildings. We will have a walk in the city and visit the Atlas lion Statue.

Thereafter, we will leave for Azrou and the Cedar forest where we will stop by and take pictures of the Barbary Macaque. In a while, we will leave heading towards Zaida and Midelt, where we will stop to have lunch. After digging in, we will continue our way to the Merzouga desert.

Before reaching Merzouga we will stop by Ziz valley, the biggest source of dates in Morocco. From here you will feel the desert atmosphere that is begging to reveal. When we arrive in Merzouga, we will start with the camel ride crossing the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi. What a beautiful view of watching the dunes’ color changing as the sun goes down! Finally, we will arrive at the Berber camp where you will enjoy a delicious meal, watch the starry sky, and listen to the Berber instruments around the campfire.

Day 5: Merzouga to Dades Gorges

The fifth day of our 8 days tour from Casablanca is going to be a small excursion to Boumalne Dades. Firstly, as we are still in the desert, you can wake up early to catch the charming sunrise before heading to the camp and have breakfast. Thereafter, we will ride the camels again and cross the dunes back to where we started the camel ride. Concerning the shower, it is as follows; if you have booked a Luxury camp, then you will take the shower before or after breakfast. However, if you book a normal camp, which doesn’t have a bathroom, you will need to wait till we reach Merzouga where you can shower in the hotel.

On the way to Boumalne Dades, we will pass by different cities such as RIssani where you will visit one of the biggest traditional souks in Morocco. Further, we will pass by Tinjedad and Tinghir. Here and in this latter, we will go on a visit to Todgha or Todra Gorges that is famous for its amazing canyons. Definitely, you will fall in love with this place that is in between two grand canyons of about 300m and separated by a small river. Finally, when the evening comes, we will go to Gorges Dades and spend the night there.

Day 6: Boumalne Dades to Marrakech

Today, after having breakfast in the hotel/riad, we will continue our 8 days tour from Casablanca heading to Marrakech. Firstly, we will stop by the Ouallywood of Morocco or Ouarzazate. Here, we will go on a visit to the Atlas studios where they shoot movies and get the material for that. Ouarzazate is famous for being a site where many international directors and movie-makers head to film movies and scenes. Afterward, we will take the car again and head to the fortress of Ait Benhaddou, one of the unique and beautiful villages on the tour. You will have time to cross the river or “Ouad Lmale7” which is an extension of the Ounila River. You will have to climb a little bit in order to see the village from a different gaze.

In a while, we will continue our way towards the red city, this time we will take the road of 1000 kasbahs where we will stop by Skoura and Amridil. Next, we will take Tizi Ntichka road and stop by its panoramic site that is about 2260m above the sea. Finally, we will arrive in Marrakech and spend the night there.

Day 7: Full day in Marrakech

The seventh day of our 8 days tour from Casablanca is going to be all spent in Marrakech. For a better visit to the city, Travelling In Morocco offers a local guide from Marrakech. Undoubtedly, today’s sites and places are completely different from the last ones, as we are in the tourism capital. So be ready that the city will be crowded and busy but beautiful at the same time.

There many beautiful places and sites that we will visit today. Firstly, for example, we can start by visiting the Gardens in Marrakech. Majorelle which was built by a French artist, and then we move to visit the Secret Garden, where you can get away from the noise to fresh air and calmness. Secondly, we will go on a visit to the Saadian tombs, historic royal necropolis, and discover the Sadian dynasty. After that, you will walk and drive around the city to discover more sites such as Bahia Palace. Finally, when the evening comes, we will head to explore the famous square of Jamaa El-Fna and the Koutoubia Mosque. The night will be spent in Marrakech in a hotel/riad.

Day 8: Marrakech to the Airport

The plan for our last day of the 8 days tour from Casablanca depends on your flight time. If you have to fly from Casablanca, then we will have to take the highway directly to Mohammed V International Airport. However, if you want to fly from Marrakech and the flight is in the evening, then we could give more time to Marrakech and discover other places.

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8 days tour from Casablanca

We asked for a private tour of Casablanca to the Sahara desert Then back to Casablanca.
We wanted to go to the desert, the Atlas Mountains, and the Moroccan imperial cities, so we contacted Travelling in morocco and they offered us this amazing tour. Definitely, we had the best time and Hamid, our guide, was very considerate and did a good job of keeping track of our wandering timekeeper while we enjoyed our side trips. From the car's window, it was interesting to pass through Swiss-like streets and to see that there are ski resorts in Morocco too.
The camp in the desert was nothing to worry about, although I was worried about the amenities. Unfortunately, there were not many stars because of the full moon, but we were able to do the camel ride that we had always wanted.
Thank you!

Aoi N

Just unforgettable!

Anyway, it was all new to me, and I've been to many countries in my life, but in terms of emotions, this was the best experience I've ever had. Merzouga is a small village in the Sahara Desert, and the life they lead is a good way of life, isolated from the current competitive society.

They have the bare essentials in the village, and if you ask them if they are happy, they will tell you that they are 100% happy and that they don't want to live any other way. We'll never forget the time we spent together looking up at the starry sky of the desert over a campfire and talking. I promised Hamid and the staff, that I would come back if I had a wife in the future and I would book a longer tour. I look forward to the day when I can return to the desert again.

Douglas H


This was the second desert tour I've asked for here. Youssef did everything I wanted to do. Of course, we have done some little changes in the given itinerary and skipped some places as we have visited them before. This time we went deep into the desert to see how the Nomads live, and camped at night, under the stars. The camp had toilets (quite clean for Morocco) and running water, which was more comfortable than I expected. Most of all, the staff was friendly and treated us like we were in the desert with real friends, which made us laugh from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks to Youssef for making the tour such a fun one. Also, the hotel had hot water in the winter, which is unusual for Merzouga, so I was able to take a comfortable shower. A truly mind-blowing experience awaits you in Merzouga.

Illy N

The best 8 days tour ever!

I can only say that I have no regrets about choosing to join a private tour with Travelling In Morocco, the car and desert tent were incredibly comfortable, and the desert dinner at Chicken Tajine was the best I've ever had in Morocco!
Although the facilities on the first day were not what we had ordered, Youssef, the owner, gave us an additional discount when we paid for the hotel, which made it worthwhile for us. It was a pity that we didn't have the chance to interact with the owner like we did with other messages, but the quick response to our inquiry made us feel that he was more reliable and honest than other companies.

The car was clean and air-conditioned, with good shocks, and the young driver, Aziz, was a good and stable driver, so we could sleep well... The quiet driver had the right commentary, and was a professional photographer, who always took beautiful pictures of us in the tight scenery, praise 👍🏻!

Eddy S

Book your 8 days tour from Casablanca via Merzouga desert!

In order to book your 8 days tour from Casablanca, please fill in the name of the tour in the subject field. Also, if you have any customizations concerning our itinerary, please let us know! Our team will be more than happy to receive your message and get in touch with you.

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Highlights overview:

Travelling In Morocco takes you through the main places and cities on the tour even before visiting them yourself. Here is a glimpse of the highlights of our 8 days tour from Casablanca.


The cultural city is one of the oldest cities in the country and has a history of more than a thousand years. This place is known as a center of handicrafts where fabrics, ceramics, leather goods, and pottery are produced. In the labyrinth of the narrow streets of Fes, you can easily get lost. Stairs, lanes, passages, squares, mosques, and madrasas are woven together in a tangle of streets. And among all this labyrinth there are elegant boulevards that French engineers and architects have worked on.

Clearly, the city of Fes has played a big role in the country as well as in the whole east. Here we can talk about the oldest existing university in the world, where many students all over the world used to head to get high levels of education.


For many years Marrakech competed with Fes for the right to be called the capital of Morocco. In this struggle, one city or another won. Marrakech welcomes travellers with shades of ochre and beige stone in the sun, red walls and charming atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the red city has won the nickname of the capital of tourism in the country and that is thanks to the huge numbers of tourists that visit and start their tours from it.

Marrakech is home to the largest square in the whole of Morocco, the Jama’a el Fna, is spread out in the city’s centre. The best time to visit the square is in the evening. As the sun goes down, a giant bazaar unfolds on the square, cafes open and street artists, acrobats, dancers, drummers and magicians begin their work. The show with the spell of snakes gathers a huge crowd of spectators.

Meanwhile, there are other interesting attractions in the city with our 8 days tour from Casablanca. Here you can see the great mosque of Koutoubia, the Bahia Palace and Saadian tombs.

Koutoubia Mosque:

You can find Morocco’s most beautiful mosque in Marrakech. It was built in the 12th century by order of the local emir. The best architects worked to create this architectural masterpiece. The height of the minaret is about 77 metres. Inside the minaret, there is a wide staircase where you can easily go up on horseback. The mosque can accommodate up to 20,000 believers at a time, making it the largest mosque in Africa.


Casablanca or the White House in English is one of the important destinations of our 8 days desert tour. It is a giant transport artery in North Africa, it connects railways, motorways, airports, and, of course, sea routes. As a result, many like to call it the economical capital of Morocco. Among Casablanca’s attractions, there are the Hassan II Mosque, the Habbus quarter with its palace, and the Moroccan Mall, which is the second-largest shopping mall in Africa.


The historic city of Meknes has become a meeting place for two cultures: Spanish and Moorish. Under Ismail Ibn Sheriff, the city became the capital of the state. The majestic city gates and the luxurious Royal Palace have been preserved from this period. The Royal Stables for 12,000 heads is one of the largest in the world. Other attractions in Meknes include a giant granary, the royal prison building, and magnificent gardens. And around the city, there are ancient Roman ruins.

Volubilis with our 8 days tour from Casablanca:

This is an archaeological monument that tells the story of the Roman conquest. The city became the most south-western outpost of the Romans in North Africa. The estimated time of its origin dates back to the 3rd century BC. Volubilis is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here one can admire the ancient Roman architecture and preserved buildings: baths, temples, palaces, cobbled streets, aqueduct, unique mosaics. In the early 20th century, large-scale archaeological research was carried out in Volubilis. Artifacts found during excavations are kept in the Archaeological Museum in Rabat.


The modern capital of Morocco is spread over the Atlantic Ocean. The white-and-blue houses rise up the slope in a living maze. The city boasts beautiful museums. The only thing worthwhile is the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. In the museum, you can look at traditional Moorish dwellings, admire Andalusian jewelry, and see a collection of medieval weapons. It is also home to trophies of war mined by Moroccan pirates.

Popular attractions in Rabat include the Royal Palace, the Mausoleum, Chella Fortress, and the Udayas. Not to mention, the Hassan Tower is a minaret of an incomplete mosque. Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur, one of the famous Moroccan Califs had ordered to build it around the year 1195, his intention is to make it the tallest and largest in the world. Unfortunately, after his death in 1199, the work stopped and so as his dream.

Ait benhaddou

At the edge of the Atlas Mountains is the ancient Ksar of Ait-Ben Haddu. For centuries, its mighty fortress walls have served as a safe haven for traders following the caravan route. With the decline of trade in the region, the fortress began to be empty. Residents began to leave their clay houses. The village walls and towers are recognizable by photographs and newsreels. This is a popular place for filming films. It was here that scenes from the “Clone” series, the films “Gladiator”, “The Mummy” and “Alexander” were shot.

Merzouga desert

The highlight of our 8 days tour from Casablanca is undoubtedly the desert of Merzouga. Many travelers find it cool that they ask for more days to discover and enjoy its beauty and calmness. Before talking about the desert and its activities, it is necessary to know why is it called Merzouga and what is the desert’s name.

Firstly, the name Merzouga carries our two different stories explaining the reason why it named that way. The first says that, in the past, the desert was a complete nomad land and it home to a popular family called Merzoug. However, the other myth says that the desert was full of prosperity and wealth, so people called it Merzouka which means the wealthy land that gives.

Secondly, the name of the desert is Erg Chebbi and it is about 30/15km. There is a strange story or myth about why the desert was exactly brought to this place. Many locals believe that in the past, there was a tribe living in Merzouga, they were so rich that they were fighting with food and throw it on each other. Because of this waste that they make, god covered them with the huge sand dunes that you see today.

The desert of Merzouga is the land of magic and for sure where you will find your soul peace. When you arrive there you can do a lot of activities. Starting with the camel ride to the Berber camp that is set in the desert. Spending a night there is a truly different experience. Not to mention, both the beautiful sunset and sunrise.


Ouarzazate in Berber means something without noise. Probably, this explains the atmosphere of the city that works in silence but has an international impact. As it is known, the city is a destination for directors all over the world for what it offers of suitable sites and places for shooting movies. In the city, there are two main Studios, called Atlas Studios, where they film and sometimes rent the materials for that. Besides, Ouarzazate is home to the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant.

The Atlas Mountains

The majestic massif of the Atlas Mountains stretches across 4 countries in North Africa. The mountains are an integral part not only of Morocco’s landscape but also of Berber culture. Among the mountain valleys, there are small villages, where you can replenish your strength with mint tea and oriental sweets. There are dozens of hiking trails in the Atlas Mountains, which you can use to see scenic views. There is also the opportunity to travel on camels.

On the 8 days tour from Casablanca, we will cross the Middle Atlas first where we will stop by Ifrane. Then cross the High right after visiting Ait Benhaddou. There is only one way to reach Marrakech from the desert and it is through the Tizi Ntichka pass. This curved road is one of the unique and complicated routes in the kingdom. However, it offers a panoramic place that is about 2260m above the sea.

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