Best time to visit Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco, when to go!

Best time to visit Morocco? If you have chosen Morocco as the destination of your next trip but do not know what is the best period to visit it, this is the article for you. In fact, by informing you about the holidays and the climate of Morocco, we are going to discover the recommended periods to visit, the best trips for each season and give you tips based on the questions of our travelers.

Morocco’s climate:

First of all, to understand the best time to visit Morocco, it is essential to inquire about the climate of the country. In fact, Morocco’s climate varies depending on the period and the regions. Its temperatures fluctuate considerably from coastal to desert areas, from the Atlas Mountains to the northern regions. So let’s take a look together at the different microclimates that characterize Morocco.

Mediterranean Climate:

The coastal regions, along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, are characterized by a temperate climate with little temperature range. Winters are mild (the climate in Morocco in December is very mild), although often rainy, and summers are hot and dry.

Continental and Semi-Desert Climate:

The Continental and Semi-Desert Climate is found in the interior regions and is characterized by long, harsh winters, with possible snowfall on the passes and peaks of the High Atlas. Summers are hot and dry, becoming milder as you climb in altitude.

Desert Climate:

Finally, the Desert Climate is found in the areas bordering Algeria and Western Sahara. Here summers are very hot and characterized by very little precipitation. Winters, on the other hand, have significant temperature ranges between day and night.

When to go to Morocco

Morocco, when to go?

Morocco lends itself to being visited in any season. However, spring and autumn, thanks to their temperate climate, are the ideal periods to visit Morocco and in particular the Imperial Cities. While the winter months are the most suitable for planning a trip to the desert areas of the south. Finally, summer is suitable for a vacation in the milder coastal strip, but is very hot in the rest of the country.

In general, the trip to Morocco recommended for all seasons is the Imperial Cities Tour (12 days tour from Casablanca), as it is a guaranteed year-round trip that will let you discover the main attractions of the country.

However, below we’re going to look at each season by listing any holidays and events and recommending the best trips to Morocco.

Wintertime in Morocco:

Winter, the best time to visit Morocco, is a cool season throughout the country, but never too cold if you exclude the highest altitudes of the Atlas Mountains. Therefore, the climate of Morocco in December allows you to make unforgettable trips at Christmas and New Year. In this period we recommend visiting the Imperial Cities. Also, if you are interested in traveling to the Western Sahara and the Erg Chebbi areas around Merzouga, winter is the ideal period, but consider the temperature range between day and night. Finally, if you want to learn about local traditions, in February you can go to Meknes for the Sidi ben Aissa festival with traditional songs and dances.

Spring in Morocco:

The spring season is definitely pleasant, and thanks to its excellent climate it is undoubtedly the best time to visit Morocco. The plants are in full bloom, and the highest peaks of the Atlas Mountains are still whitewashed with snow, creating unforgettable scenery. You can also travel along the coast and northern areas, such as Essaouira on the Atlantic or Chefchaouen in the north during a tour of the Imperial Cities (7 days tour from Casablanca).

Summer in Morocco:

Summer in Morocco is hot in almost every region, with temperatures hovering around 35 degrees in the cities and over 40 degrees in the desert. Although it may not be the best time to visit Morocco, the coastal and mountain areas are much cooler and more airy, perfect for surfers and sunbathers. Mountain enthusiasts can opt for a pleasant trek up the Atlas Mountains. In addition, the famous Gnawa Music Festival of Essaouira is held in June, a great way to discover the local music.

Autumn in Morocco:

Finally, autumn is the best time to visit to Morocco to discover the desert, where the hot climate is not yet as stifling as in summer, and the temperature ranges are much more attenuated. But it is also the perfect season for a tour of the imperial cities. In fact, during these months the climate is mild and, thanks to its pleasant temperatures, you can enjoy visiting the main attractions of Morocco without any particular problems. Moreover, in autumn the two most important sacred festivals of the year are held, the Moussem of the Wedding in the Berber villages of the Middle Atlas and the Moussem of Moulay Idriss.

FAQ about best time to visit Morocco:

When is it the best time to go to Morocco?

Morocco may be visited at any time of year. However, the best months to visit Morocco are April-May and September-October. Temperatures are ideal for traveling out into the desert at these times, as well as visiting imperial towns, the Atlas Mountains, and coastal places.

When not to go to Morocco?

We do not advise visiting Morocco during Ramadan since it is difficult to find open businesses. In addition, in certain areas, visitors are forced to obey stringent religious regulations. Finally, we do not advocate visiting the desert during the summer, when temperatures might reach 40 ℃.

When to go to the beach in Morocco and where?

Again, spring and autumn lend themselves to a Morocco beach vacation, but so does summer. In fact, if in the rest of the country the summer seasons are too hot, along the coast the temperatures are cooler and ventilated. The best places are Essaouira, Agadir and Taghazout, the latter is ideal if you love surfing. Near Casablanca instead we recommend El Jadida. As for the Western Sahara, we recommend Dakhla and Legzira. These two, however, are recommended in spring, because in summer the influence of the Sahara makes these two places extremely hot.

What’s the weather like in Morocco in December?

The climate in Morocco in December is cool, but allows you to enjoy beautiful sunny days, so it is an ideal time to go to Morocco. December, in fact, is a good month to visit Marrakech and the imperial cities, as the hot desert wind always guarantees good temperatures. We do not recommend instead the coastal areas, generally more rainy. So we certainly recommend the climate in Morocco in December and its magical colors for the discovery of the country.

What’s the weather like in Morocco in February?

February represents the end of the Moroccan winter. Therefore, its climate is similar to that of December, but with a slightly higher temperature and less precipitation on the Atlantic coast. All the more reason, therefore, it is certainly an ideal period to go to Morocco before the high spring season.

How to Visit Morocco?

It is possible to organize your trip to Morocco in complete autonomy, we at Travelling In Morocco always recommend that you rely on a specialized tour operator to organize your group, private or tailor-made trip. In this way you will be sure to live a travel experience in Morocco in total safety and reliability. Contact us to plan your Morocco authentic tour!

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