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Facts on Camel in the sahara desert of Morocco

Facts about camels in Morocco

Camel facts you should know include: Camels are one of the most unusual beasts that have ever walked the earth’s surface. With their elegant walks and long eyelashes, it’s difficult not to admire them for what they are: gorgeous creatures … Read More

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the view of the beach in Dakhla of Morocco in the southern sahara

Dakhla, the western Sahara in Morocco

Introduction: Dakhla is located in Western Sahara, a contested territory of the world. It has long been debated whether it belongs to Morocco or should be recognized as an independent country. My goal when I travel is to support the … Read More

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The Moroccan marriage

The Moroccan marriage traditions

The nuptial ceremony is the centerpiece of the Moroccan marriage. They observe it in accordance with ancestral rituals and customs, and they do so in accordance with Moroccan traditions. Because Morocco is a Muslim nation with Muslim customs, the celebration … Read More

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Judaism Museum, Casablanca photo

Museums in Morocco

Do you intend to visit the magnificent Museums in Morocco? You’ve arrived at the correct place! Contact us right now to create your own itinerary! If you like culture, Morocco is a must-see destination. In Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, and Chefchaouen, … Read More

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the best moroccan cats and dogs

Moroccan cats and dogs

The Moroccan cats and dogs, all you need to know. When I take travel photography in a certain location, I find it fascinating to chronicle the lives of all of its residents, not just the people. Morocco, like many other … Read More

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How many days to see Morocco

How many days do you need to see Morocco?

Many people wonder, “How many days do you need to visit Morocco?” The answer is simple: you will need more than a month to truly explore Morocco. If you simply want to see the highlights, it will take you 7 … Read More

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easter in morocco is best to spend in Merzouga desert

The ideal Easter itinerary in Morocco

Every year, Easter is a holy holiday that everyone looks forward to. Everyone begins to plan how they will spend this pleasant and nearly magical time. Someone is usually at home with his family, someone other is with his friends, … Read More

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Tetouan city of Morocco

Tetouan city of Morocco

Tetouan, often spelled Tetuán, is a Moroccan city in north-central Morocco. The Martil River connects it to the Mediterranean Sea, which is 7 miles (11 kilometres) away (Wadi Martil). The phrase derives from the Berber term “Titawin,” which means “eyes.”The … Read More

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Moroccan flag meaning

Moroccan flag meaning

During the nineteenth century, while Morocco was ruled by France and Spain, traditional flag traditions were restricted, if not outright prohibited. On November 17, 1915, the French altered the fundamental red flag carried by Moroccan ships during the conflict with … Read More

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Is Morocco open for tourism and visitors

Is Morocco open to visitors?

Morocco was forced to reopen its borders to tourists on February 7, 2022, after a two-month shutdown. Is Morocco open to visitors? The administration has devised a new protocol for the event, which was announced on Tuesday, February 1. For … Read More

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